Clark County Jail Inmate Roster


The Clark County Jail in Las Vegas NV, was established to provide inmate roster bail bonds service to all inmates serving time and those awaiting release after their bails have been deposited. The Roster Bail Bond services provided by the courts in conjunction with the bondsmen are tailored in a manner that ensures the inmate’s safety as well as that staff and the area citizens.

1) What is a Bail Bond?

A bail bond is a form of insurance policy. However, for the bond to be effective, the defendant has to make all the necessary Clark County Jail courtroom appearances until the case is disposed. After the bail bond is duly deposited, the indemnitors is instructed on how and when the defendant will be released. The Bail bonds company usually writes the full check as collateral for the release of the inmate. For the bond to be posted at a Clark County Jail, the following details are requested; the current pay stubs, valid photo ID’s and proof of address.

2) How a Bail Bond in Clark County works?

The bail bond can be made immediately after the defendant contacts a bailing agent. Alternatively, a family member of a friend can speak to the bail bond agent on behalf of the defendant. Before the bail bond is approved by the court, the co-signer for the bond must complete all the required paperwork before making any deposit. The check posted by the bailing company can only be cashed when the defendant fails to make a court appearance.

3) Options for getting an Inmate out of the Clark County Jail

The first process of getting someone released from a Clark County Jail, is locating the detention center where the convicted person is held. To get the inmate released, you can do the following:
a) Hire an Attorney to fight on your behalf; if the ruling is reasonable, the convicted person may be released or the sentence might be reduced.
b) Pay the full amount stipulated on the bail.
c) Pay only 15% of the Bond amount through a bondsman.

4) How expensive is a Clark County Bail Bond?

The cost of bail bonds in Clark County Jail is defined under the Nevada laws. In most scenarios, a figure of 15% of the bond amount is paid. The courts usually determine whether one qualifies for a bail bond or not, since not all the people who are arrested qualify for these services. eBAIL Las Vegas Bail bonds, offers some of the most affordable Inmate Roster Bail Bonds Services. eBAIL allows small down payments, in some cases, one may even qualify with zero-down payment.

5) Are their different payment options for a Bail Bond in Clark County?

The payment options accepted in Clark County Jail Las Vegas include cash and credit card payments. However, in certain cases, payments through check and PayPal options are accepted. The means by which bail bonds payment can be made is dependent on factors such as location, the agent terms of service, and the set payment plans. Posting a bail allows the defendant to continue with their normal lives as they await the court date.

6) How long does it take to get an Inmate out of the Clark County Jail?

The duration by which an convict can be released from a Clark County Jail in Las Vegas, varies from one jail to the other. However, the process of releasing the convict begins immediately after the bail is posted. The release time can range from as long as 16 hours to as little as a few hours. However, this is only possible after the bail agent has been contacted with the necessary paperwork.

7) How do I contact a Clark County, Nevada Bail Bondsman?

There are several ways in which you can contact a Clark County jail bail bondsman, this can do through your lawyer, family or friend. The quickest way to get your loved one or friend from jail is to see through that the bail is posted immediately after arrest. You can contact eBAIL for an array of inmate roster bail bonds services via
a) Phone through 702-608-2245
b) In person at the offices on 3100 E. Charleston Suite #108
c) Online

eBAIL is a licensed bail bonds located on 3100 E Charleston Boulevard Suite 108 in Las Vegas. The company is dedicated to assist you get your loved ones or friends from any Las Vegas or Clark County jail by providing a range of inmate roster bail bonds service. Since the company is centrally located in the middle of Las Vegas, bails can be posted within few minutes. The services offered are fast and convenient, because transactions can be completed online or over the phone. eBAIL is the only Nevada bail bonds company accredited by the prestigious Better Business Bureau.